Monday, December 29, 2014


Yep, she did it.

She was already on my mental ballot for being selected as the game-changer of the month, then she went ahead and climbed that rope again. It was her second time so far.  Sealed the deal.

That's how Maureen Androsik is.  She challenges herself constantly.  I always say that a workout is as hard as you make it and you get out what you put into it.  Maureen gets this, and she dials it up as much as she can each and every session, for each and every minute of the entire hour.

I still remember the day she climbed the monkey bars for the first time, going from being barely able to hang on to completing each rung.

I watch how she runs over to the bands to work on her aztec push-ups during free play at Rocky Cardio. Because yea, that's an easy move that everyone loves to do.

I noticed how she hasn't missed a day in God knows how long and she's one of the first to sign up for any bonus classes we offer.

I hear her talk about how she's going to get up our new 11ft warped wall soon.

She's a gamer in the gym, and in life.

I could talk about her fitness performance all day, but that's not really the only reason she's being acknowledged.

Here are three things that immediately come to mind:

Maureen is altruistic, positive, and a family woman. She has three amazing girls who you can tell right away love her to pieces. One thing I love seeing is her working out with her oldest daughter Jess, a champion gymnast by the way. They have fun. They laugh. And it's a good thing Jess is there because she keeps Maureen and her friends doing the right moves and moving to the right stations.

Authenticity is hard to come by nowadays. It's refreshing to be around Maureen.  She is who she is, she will tell you like it is, and she does it in such a loving, nonjudgmental, accepting, and encouraging way.

Inspirational stories, in-depth quotes, and nothing but sound advice is what you can count on from Maureen. She's a highly successful business owner of a few FIVE GUYS Burgers and Fries. I never hesitate to go to her for some insight on running a business, and even among her busy schedule, she never hesitates to provide it.

There's a crew of some great friends that workout with Maureen at 530am. Here's just a few things they had to say about her:

"She is always so positive about everything."

"She always sees the bright side, and always makes us laugh!"

"Her comments during our workouts are hilarious and she pushes you out of your comfort zone."

"She puts her heart into everything, her girls, her friends, her workouts. Her laugh is infectious."

It was once said that many people can make big plays in life, but it takes a rarity to completely change the game.

Thank you Maureen for being a rarity.

Because you've absolutely changed the game at FMU.

And for that we'll be forever grateful.

It's not about us,
Coach Theo and Amber


"Some people have developed a sixth sense in life. And it is one of the most detrimental things to them and society's well-being. It's the sense of, entitlement. " Coach Theo

Two things will most likely happen, they'll either end up in jail or dead. That was the harsh reality for MK and 90% of the juveniles I worked with in a group home as a social worker. They just came from jail and we were part of their transitional housing to help them get back on their feet. Unfortunately, not all of them were willing to do their part to make it work.

MK had a terrible life and was put through things that I could never imagine. The world was so cruel, but the reality was, it wasn't going to get any nicer. He shared his lofty goals with me one day. He laid around played video games the next. I guess he was doing what most of us have done at some point in our lives.....waiting around for things to happen.

My dad always said don't expect life to give you anything. If you want it, you better go get it.

So often in our lives we see such false expectations among human beings. Just turn on social media and look at some of these protests that are happening right now, especially the Oberlin students who expect their professors to give them passing grades without having to work for it. Or work in retail or a restaurant for a day and watch how rude customers can be if they don't get what they want. Or be a teacher, boss, or coach and watch the attitudes of many students, employees, parents, and athletes.

A lot of people, and I mean a lot of people, feel entitled. This feeling of entitlement, in my opinion, is extremely irrational, selfish, and self destructive to ourselves and our world.


Comfort isn't mandatory.

Success doesn't have to happen.

People don't have to treat us a certain way.

It's ideal, but it's not reality.

So I say, don't expect it.

Expect no hand outs.

Expect no one to do it for you.

Expect to take responsibility. 

Expect nothing in return.

Expect you don't deserve anything in life except your breath. Actually, that's not a right either. It's a privilege. Expect that you're only right is to love the fact that you have it, and you can do everything in your power to make the best of it. 

This sixth sense is in some way in all of us. Perhaps we let it out in our marriage, or our jobs, or how we view and handle money. Little bits and pieces will come out in certain relationships and situations.   But if and when we fall into this default mode, we must quickly get out of it.

Lil P did. He was abused and neglected and bounced back and forth from multiple foster homes his whole life. At 18 he was left with no immediate family in his life. And as he left the group home with nothing but a trash bag full of his belongings, I knew he was going to make it, because his attitude said it would. "I'm going to college and becoming a counselor one day man. I'm going to make something of myself and prove everyone wrong."

The world ain't always sunshine and rainbows. It will beat you down if you let it.

Pretend that's the only thing you're entitled to.

Then focus on the right you do have.

The right to control  YOUR effort...





To any and every situation you're put into.

When you own that, tell the world to watch out.

Because that's when you stop waiting around for things to happen...


And it will become an absolute game-changer for you, and everyone in your life.

It's not about us,
Coach Theo

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


"After working out for so long (since 6th grade), there are many things I tend to take for granted as a coach now."

A few weeks ago, one of my adult members Maureen was exhausted after a tri-set station (when you do three moves in a circuit format, then repeat). She said, "I need more time before I start the next set. That one just got me."
Maureen is a gamer, she brings it every workout. But today she turned it up a notch.

It was the same tri-set workout we had done for the last two weeks.  In fact, I started to notice that the entire class was bringing something different this 530am. The intensity was way up. You could see a much different effort in the air.

What was so different?

I challenged them to do one thing that day: #COUNT YOUR NUMBERS.

One reason I don't like using timed intervals is because it's too easy to just go through the motions and work for the time instead of reps. Working out can then become mindless, and when it does, then I firmly believe it isn't nearly as effective.

But in a big class setting, you generally need a timer to keep people flowing.  So one thing I do when personally working out in this format, is just focus on my reps and not even worry about the timer. If I'm done early then I stop. If I need to work through the break to finish, then I do. Sometimes I skip the next move because I'd rather focus on more pull-ups on the next set instead of being too tired to max out, for example.

Not everyone does this though, and I've been starting to realize that they need the MENTAL GAME adjusted a little bit.

Let me make a note here real quick, there is a time and place to take it easy and just move through the reps. Sometimes you had a really bad week, lots of stress, sick, just not in the mood....totally get it. Those days you should just "be" and let the kinks work themselves out.  You can't go 100% every workout.

But for the most part, if you don't think about your reps, if you don't have something you're shooting for, then here's what happens:
1. You don't do as many reps as you could.
2. You don't use as heavy as weight as you could.
3. You don't challenge your muscles and heart rate as much as you could, which means you don't get as much out of the 1hr session as you could.

So here's all I'm saying, if you do this one simple step, COUNT YOUR NUMBERS, you will immediately gain more from your workouts.

The magic is it brings you into the moment. Now instead of thinking about everything else you have to do that day, you are concentrating on your movement, form, tension, and performance, and you're IN IT to WIN IT.

Another one of my adult members Missy was doing atomic plank-ups (plank to pushup in suspension straps) in our night class.  The first set she did 6.  The next time she came back to that move I stayed next to her and I said let's shoot for 9. It was no problem. She nailed it with perfect form.

She had a number to shoot for.


It's a secret....

But it's not.

It's not about competing with others.  It's not about being the best in the room.  It's about challenging yourself to get out of your comfort zone and reach your fullest potential. If you're capable of 10, why would you stop at 5?

You'll never know where you can get until you take yourself there.


It will be an absolute game-changer for you and all of your workouts.

It's not about us,
Coach Theo

Monday, December 15, 2014



The FMU Community has been getting out into the community to RAOK (Random Act of Kindness) people. We still have 10 days left to do something special.  

But check out some of these awesome ideas and stories already.  

70 people have a tshirt.

This is going to be incredible and very humbling.

We are sharing not for recognition, but TO ACTIVATE OTHERS to do something also.


Coach Theo

Stephanie K.
Wow! I was nervous! I approached the 1st person I saw in the grocery store and explained what I was doing and she was so happy! She said that she was on disability and she is struggling right now. God put her in my vision!!

Julie D. 1:
While I wait for the FMU shirts....delivered coffee to a waiting room this morning for families waiting for patients to come out of surgery.

Mandy and Kelly
So here is Kelly and my pic. It isn't a big thing - we helped a local organization (The French Creek District) by organizing a group at our school to bake cookies for their annual Santa Stroll. Just doing a little something in our community.

Robin and Zack
*Mega Bonus points for taking picture with the raokee!*
Zack and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings today (Jeff was home with the flu). We both wore our t-shirts. We had an incredibly nice waiter named Dan. When he came back for our payment, Zack give him a Rudolph-the-Red-Nosed-Reindeer bucket with a gift in it, said Happy Holidays and thank you (that's a lot for a 9 year old to say).

Maureen A.
Ok this was more like a RANDOM ACT OF CRAZINESS!!! My sister has 3 foster kiddos that did not have the easiest start in life to say the least. So to create some Christmas magic Olivia rang some bells and with the help of a $6 Santa suit purchased at the thrift store we peeked in some windows and waved at the kids. They SCREAMED in hysteria. It was awesome! These kids deserve it they are a real Christmas miracle! (I only hope I did not catch anything from the suit, I feel a little itchy) hohoho

Monica Hoban
The Hoban family RAK... We woke up early and made and served lunch for the homeless at the St Augustine Hunger center. It was a great experience for the kids during this Advent season. We chopped over 30 onions ( my hands still stink) 20 green peppers, rolled silverware, cut up 100 pieces of pumpkin pie, served the food, washed and dried dishes, cleaned tables and then stacked chairs. Whew! We are tired!... I just realized I have no pics of me... But then again... It's not about me!!!

Monday, December 8, 2014


I'm about to make my video for the next season of American Ninja Warrior submissions.

And I need to admit something to you....

I can't do the warped wall right now.

I physically can, because I've done it before.

But mentally, I stop myself.

I won't commit.

I won't reach with both hands.

I hate heights and my mind is messing with me big time.  My palms are sweaty just thinking about it.

But I absolutely love it. It's a whole new element for me and it's making me struggle with some new growth.  I know myself, and I know what this is going to do to me inside and out.

The other day when I was talking to a group of people I said "if you want to do something big then you need to quit stopping yourself."

You hear it time and time again, the biggest difference between people that accomplish things and those that don't, is that they JUST DO IT.

They don't just talk about losing weight, they just do it.

They don't just talk about starting their own business, they just do it.

They don't just talk about writing that book they've been meaning to write, they just do it.

Little by little. One step at a time.

Even when they fail, because trust me, read about any success story, and that's a huge part of it.

Even when they don't know what's going to happen, because guess what, none of us do.

Even when others dismiss their ideas, because it's a fact, there will always be haters.

When we started Fit Me Up, we built a website before we had a business.

It was one tiny way that we could PHYSICALLY take action, to start a passion that we MENTALLY dreamt about.

I encourage you to do that today.

There is something on your heart that you really want to do or know needs to get done.  No matter how big or small.

Maybe it's just mending a broken relationship.

Maybe it's just completing that proposal.

Maybe it's starting that new blog.

Just map out a plan and take one tiny step of action.

Then tomorrow, take another one.

They add up, and that's how true change happens.

There's one thing that I've become really good at.....

And that's putting myself out there.

I don't care what I look like, or if I fall flat on my face.

I may not even make the Ninja Warrior show.  And if I do, I may not even make it past the first obstacle.

It's not even my thing to be honest.

But it's a new challenge that gets me out of my comfort zone and has been doing wonders for my training.

And more than anything, I promised my kids I would try.

So I'll take my first step tomorrow and record my video. Then from there, it's HIStory.

But I promise you this, no matter what, I will nail that warped wall.

Because many things will stop me in life, but never again will it be myself.

Don't let yourself stop you today. Dreams don't just happen. You gotta make them happen.

Do it today.

It may just be an absolute game-changer....

For you, and everyone in your life.

It's not about us,
Coach Theo

Thursday, December 4, 2014


I sit here trying to write a speech for tomorrow. Everything has gotten in the way this week, preventing me from doing so. The topic is around stress. So guess what, I'm not stressin.

Just as I sit down to focus my thoughts, I get a call from my wife, with the baby screaming her lungs out in the background. It's been a rough few weeks. Our one year old has been sick for a long time and the only thing we can do to soothe her is hold her, constantly. Today is an extremely long day for me, 430am-8pm, leaving my wife home the entire day to fend for herself.

So, my thoughts start racing about my appreciation for her. Although I say I never take her for granted, I'm still human. Let's be real, I do. And although I like to think that I'm nowhere near your typical husband and father, I woke up every feeding and diaper change for the last four years just so you know, there are still many things Amber does as a mommy that I don't.

Because it's not about me, and I think she could use a little boost right now, I focus my thoughts on her instead.


It's not that I don't want to, I just don't think about it. Ok, and I have this fear that I'm going to hurt them. But I can't even get a chance to get the clippers out because it's something mommy thinks about before I do, and therefore gets it done before I even think about it.

Again, it's not that I don't or wouldn't want to, it's just another one of those things that mommy is on top of. She knows it's a priority to keep the bed bugs away and she has their sheets in the wash every week or so to do just that.

Every. Stinkin. Night. For the last four and a half years, there has not been one night that Amber has not quietly opened their bedroom doors to walk in and peek at their snoozing faces, tuck them in, and make sure their night lights and sound machines aren't malfunctioning. Again, I love doing it too, but most of the time she's already done it before I had the chance. And you can't open the door twice or else it increases their chances of waking up.

I read Gio's books to him and half the time I don't even know what I read, because we read it so many times and I know he's just going to keep asking me for another one as he manipulates his way to prolong his bedtime! Amber takes time to spell out words with him. With her finger under the letters she says "Cu cu cu, ah ah ah, teh teh, Cat. That's right. Cat." Her and her preschool teaching self!

You know, I get on her about her worrying. "Where's it gonna get you?" "Just let it go, we'll figure it out." But wonder if she didn't worry? Wonder if she did just let these little things go? Where the heck would we be?

Our kids would be long nailed, bed-bugged, illiterate little fools for a long time.

These are just little thoughts that just came to my mind.  I share to get some brownie points from my wife and because I know there are other husbands out there who need to be reminded too.

It's not about me.
But I probably need to get back to that speech.
Coach Theo

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Well it took me a week to figure this out.....

A few members have been with me since I started teaching classes at the YMCA.  The question was, just who exactly started first?  

Well, here she is, say hello to our FIRST "WALL OF FAME" INDUCTEE, one of my favorite people: MONICA BRUAW!

Monica is an early-bird 530am attendee. What's really cool about her story is, not only has she accomplished some amazing things over the last few years, but she even pulled her hubby Cory along into the mix, and they're both doing incredible things together (your example will inspire others).When Monica was training for her first marathon I remember talking to Cory and he said: "I'll never do a marathon." Well last year he crossed through his first 26.2 miler.  I think I can bust out some Beiber and say, "never say neverrrrr."  The only never I can add is that they NEVER miss workouts unless they are out of town or something, even with the additional 25 minute drive time to get to our new gym.

Anyways, check out some things Monica had to say about her involvement in the FMU Family:


1. What is your favorite thing about FMU, besides the workouts and the music?
My favorite thing about FMU is the variety.  You never get bored coming to class because of all the different exercises and circuits. Plus, the variety pushes your body through plateaus and increases your fitness level more than you think. As much as I might complain about doing a certain exercise, I feel incredibly energetic after accomplishing a tough 60 minute circuit.

2. Why have you stayed with FMU for all these years, besides the rates?
Before FMU, I never ran any races outside of High School track. And now, I have run 21 races, including 3 full marathons, plus 2 Warrior Dashes and 2 Hit Man Challenges. These are fitness goals that I never dreamed about completing and yet with the training, encouragement and support from Theo, Amber and many other FMU friends I am very proud of these accomplishments and look ahead to future fitness goals.

3. When you think of FMU five years from now, what would you like to see?
One of the most important things about FMU is the people.  Sharing time and sweating along side people you know and like makes it more meaningful and fun.  We hold each other accountable and share in each other’s wins and losses.  I wish FMU much success in the next five years but I would hope that the special comradery found in these classes continue because this does not exist in any ordinary gym.

Monica---we absolutely LOVE YOU!

You mean a lot to us.

Thank you for your faith and trust and commitment to making FMU a part of your life, and so much fun! 

And please, be here in another 5 years too!

It's not about us,
Coach Theo & Amber

Friday, November 14, 2014



If you want in, make sure to get on this wait list and be ready for the next session to open up!


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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

the prayerful minute, how :60 seconds can change your life

There's one thing I do that I haven't told you....

Every morning I walk into the gym, I pray over the upcoming day.

I finally put a name to it: THE PRAYERFUL MINUTE.  My friends have the Heroic Minute and Mandatory Minute, so I didn't want to steal their ideas.

I'm sharing it with you, in case you want to institute it into your life as well.


1. Give thanks for another day.
You didn't have to wake up today, but you did. Even among all the chaos in your life right now, are you thankful for it?

2. Checkpoint your personality.
We are quick to judge others, and we are very quick to pray for others to change. But have you check-pointed yourself first? How can you get better? What are some of your weaknesses? Can you pray for God to give you strength, courage, confidence, patience, whatever it may be?

3. Ask God how you can better serve Him and others.
Instead of asking God what He can do for you, ask instead what you can do for Him.  Look at the people around you, those that you'll interact with throughout the upcoming day---how can you better serve them? Reach out to them? Love them better?  And above all else, how can you MAKE GOD'S NAME GREAT in all that you do?

A minute to win it.

It's extremely powerful and life-changing.

And you know it turns into way more than a minute

Can you take :60 seconds today?

I don't usually guarantee much....

But I do guarantee that this will be an absolute game-changer....

For you...

And everyone in your life.

It's not about us,
Coach Theo

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Why the drill sergeant mentality with kids HAS to stop

"Kids are not adults and therefore, cannot and should not be coached and trained like us. And even now as a 32 yr old man, you better not put your finger in my face."

I want to use this blog to encourage any parent who's second guessing the tactics of their child's coach/trainer to know, that your gut is right. It is wrong, and it shouldn't happen.

A child walks into my program for the first time not too long ago. He's young, vulnerable, and is more into Minecraft video games then he is into sports and fitness. But he has a great spirit about him and just wants to play. So my mind just can't wrap around the fact that his parent was just telling me about the horrible experience this 8 yr old had at another local gym. Forced to do sprints back and forth on the turf, yelled at when he messed up, and overall leaving much more discouraged by what he can't do, then encouraged by what he can.

I hear stories like this all the time.

The questions I have is: WHY?

And what the heck is wrong with adults?

I want to first start with giving some adults the benefit of the doubt. Some mean well, some just don't know any better. But let's go back to being a kid again and REMEMBER.

Kids are not grown-ups.

Their bodies aren't like ours yet, and more importantly, their minds and emotional intelligence aren't either. They don't have the same knowledge and experience as we do. They don't cope and manage the same way we do. We don't even learn what mental toughness really means until we are close to 30's, and even still, some adults will never know. It doesn't do any justice to try to make our kids mentally tough by screaming at them, making them run extra sprints because they messed up in a game, and forcing them to do push-ups as a form of punishment.

They are not soldiers.

Get your finger out of kid's faces, change your tone and use of words, get your mean red face off, and make sure you understand these 3 points:

1. Up until 14-15 yrs old, kids are not ready for any crazy intense type of workout or practice.
They want to play. They want to have fun. They want to know that they are getting better and can master certain things. Our job is to make sure they MOVE WELL. Our job is to make sure they learn skills. Our job is to make sure they have FUN and LOVE the game.  We can do this without running a boot camp operation. If we don't do it, then what's going to happen? They're eventually going to quit.  Come senior year, they're burned out and done because "it's just not fun anymore." I have some fantastic college athletes who are choosing to do intramural sports over collegiate athletics because they don't want the stress and the more serious then it needs to be headache of nazi coaches.

2. Even if they do respond well, it's out of fear. 
Now, even when kids are physically able to up the intensity, discipline, and protocols, you can still do it in a positive and encouraging way. The art of coaching requires you to be able to build motivation from within and allow kids to take ownership over what they're doing. You don't have to force them to do anything, you have to stop them because of their love to get better. Insulting, punishing, discouraging, won't do anything but deflate kids. Even if it does work at first, it's out of fear. Kids will do things because they're scared of your reaction. That's not the type of motivation we want to instill in human beings, it's temporary and it won't last.

When I played baseball and it started to get to the serious little league age of eighth grade, I had a coach tell me he wanted to "kick my ass." Yea, because that made me want to play better or something. All I could think about the rest of the all-star season was if he said it again I was going to use my famous wrestling peek-out to take him down and choke out his beer bellying, dip chewing, bald-heading you know what. You can probably understand why I didn't care when I quit the team and never played baseball at that level again.

Some kids may be able to handle it, but I have found that most will shut down. They will lose confidence and their performance will plummet. All are results that you never want for any child.

3. There's a way to discipline and push kids to the next level, in a healthy way.
So let's flip this track. Let's say kids know that Coach Theo has their back. They know that if they mess up it's ok, because that's life. They know that I believe in them and that they can get 1% better every day and that as long as they strive to do just that, and try their best, then I'm going to be proud of them no matter what the scoreboard says. Tell me that won't motivate the heck out of them to play their heart out.

"Johnny, it's ok you missed that tackle. Get back up and try _____ next time."
"Lucy, I love how you just did that. I bet if you add a little change up like ______ to it, you'll feel even better."
"Ryan, you're not listening very well right now. I know you had a rough day at school, you can do it. Focus a little more and pay attention for :60 more seconds and then you're on your way."
"Jenny, don't get frustrated about your push-ups. Let me see you do this for now and I bet you'll be doing 10 with great form before you know it."

Your words do matter. And I encourage us all to make sure we choose and use them wisely.

In summary:
You can be firm, you can be assertive, but you can be positive. Running your premier travel league team like they're at the marine barracks because you think it's going to get them to the NFL, or NBA, or MLB, isn't necessary or in my opinion, beneficial for any youth mind.

I know guys that are very strict but they are extremely uplifting and it's a tough form of love that promotes not demotes. In this blog I'm talking about the people that make you shake your head. You know these butt heads, and again know, that they are detrimental.

If you have kids working with or playing for any coach that is like this, really contemplate if it's worth it. I'm not sure I'll keep my kids playing or training with anybody that is negative because I know the affect it can have on their confidence and development. I will question and explore with them always to see if it's affecting them or if they can ignore it and do their thing no matter what.

I say to the coach who tries to tell my kid to do 100 push-ups and 300 yards of bear crawls and 500 laps around the track, make sure you can do it first.

And if you can't....

Then rethink what you're asking.

It may just be an absolute game-changer.

It's not about us,
Coach Theo

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Well, the game-changer parking lot sign came just in time.

We wanted it before we announced our Oct. game-changer of the month.

It’s just a little symbol of our “it’s not about me” motto, and a way to do something fun and special and to put others first, just like this next couple has done so much for us.

Meet Julie and Dave Dombrowski.

If you haven’t met them before, hopefully you do soon.  They’re part of our 6:45pm crew.  We met them back around Pull Ups For Zoe 2.0 in February.  They started coming to our workouts and over the last eight months, they have rarely missed a day.

I can sit here all day and talk about how they’ve been crushing performance goals left and right, such as:
  • ·         Dave winning the Hitman Challenge 3.0.
  • ·         Julie slashing off 2 minutes from her 3 mile time and increasing her push-ups by 15 reps in just 6 weeks.
  • ·         Both losing weight and toning their bodies and most importantly, getting stronger and more conditioned all around.

But you know game-changing status doesn’t come from workouts and training accomplishments alone.

We always look at character, and we can’t say enough about the Dombrowski’s.

Just like in church, family, relationships, and so much more, what you put in has a huge effect on what you get out of it.  Dave and Julie don’t just put a lot into their workouts, they invest a lot into the FMU community.
  • ·         They love to help at our charity events.
  • ·         They Initiate and stay to clean-up after literally every workout they attend.
  • ·         And if you need something moved or built, guess what, they don’t hesitate to volunteer to help. 

Listen to this, the other day I was at home depot and needed a truck to transport some lumber back to the gym. I checked in with Dave to see if he was bringing his truck to class that night, and he said, “well I’ll be there in fifteen minutes since I’m off today.”  He dropped what he was doing, and lent a hand, without hesitation.

Julie did the same when it came time to pass out flyers and posters for Hitman Challenge.   And to pick up water and fruit from Giant Eagle.  And to help get the flowers for Smiles For Sophie. Oh, and to bring us Mitchell’s ice cream for our Last Supper before the Clean Eating Challenge.  Oops.


Showing up is one thing.

Giving it your all is another.

You can’t instill in people the DESIRE to want to CONSTANTLY get better. You can spark it, but it has to come from within.  Julie and Dave have it.

We’ve loved watching them reach for new heights over the last few months.

We know they’re just going to keep reaching higher.

And that’s why without a doubt, they are selected as October Game-Changers of the Month.

Now, I know how you guys are. But don’t try to give up that parking spot.

You’ve earned it.


It’s not about me,

Coach Theo

Friday, September 19, 2014


Check out this two move combo that will torch fat and calories, build muscle, and enhance athleticism.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

5 Reasons Why Business Owners Are Better Customers

Being a business owner has really changed my perspective over the years. I definitely look at things a lot differently than I used to.  When I was just a consumer, let's just say, I didn't care as much, nor did I analyze nearly as much as I do now.

For purposes of this article, let's not generalize. Let's talk about ground-up entrepreneurs who busted their tail to get to where they're at and whose bottom line is more about making a difference than making money. I'm not sure greedy business owners who had things handed to them and only care about one thing, would hold this same mindset.


We know how it is. Someone has to clean the place. I won't throw wads of straw wrappers on the ground anymore at a restaurant, or paper towels on the ground near the urinal. They're not going to pick up themselves. I try to clean up our restaurant booth as much as possible, make the bed before I check out from the hotel, and fold the clothes back on the rack at the department store after trying them on. I want to leave your place the way I found it, because I know how hard you're working to keep it that way.

We don't expect it. We know you get asked a lot. We know that people get mad if you aren't able. It's ok if you can't, we know you don't have to. And if you do, we don't take it lightly. We are truly grateful for any bit that you can offer. Now to companies that don't do it at all, well shame on you.  It has to be part of our mission to serve our communities. We have always found that even if it's not in the budget, when you give, it will always come back full circle. And even if it doesn't, you still do it anyways, because it's not about you.

Except for a place that sells jeans for a ridiculous $200 a pair, within reason, we understand your expenses. Just because you have brick and mortar doesn't mean you're rolling in the cash. I remember thinking that if you owned a business then you must be rich or something. Then I found out that just to rent an open warehouse facility costs $3,000/month, on the low end. I learned that plaza store fronts are paying anywhere between $5-$20,000/month just to keep their sign on the front of the building.  I understand why a cheeseburger might cost $10 now. Because if you want quality ingredients and substance, you'll pay for it. If not, you can go down the street to McDonald's, and you'll get what you paid for there. #dogfood

Chik-Fil-A isn't open on Sundays, and they're not having any issues with business. A lot of stores close at a reasonable hour, and they're making it work. One of the biggest problems we have in this country is the lack of family structure. And it's because people are working their lives away. Let's not contribute to the problem. If you don't have to be open all hours of the night, and especially on holidays, we don't mind if you keep your doors closed and your employees home with their families. So if you are open, and I do make that trip at 3am to grab something, you better believe I'm going to pay homage to you for it.

The old adage is not true---customers aren't always right. So when we're in this role, we don't act like we are. People feel so entitled. If I go out to eat, it's because I didn't want to make dinner. I'm not going to throw a fit if service is bad. If you messed up my order in the drive-thru (I mean, when I used to go through drive-thrus), I'm the type of dude that will just go back around and place a new order, or suck it up and eat what you gave me. Unless it's a huge deal, I'm not going to complain, and especially not make a scene. Constructive feedback of course, but in a genuine way. Humans are humans. They mess up. We all do. We can't act like we don't make mistakes. If something were terrible, or keeps happening, I just won't go back to that place anymore. And if you're providing great service and an awesome products, but it's not my style, I'm not going to complain and act like you should change something to appease me. I'll applaud you and go find services elsewhere.

These are just some thoughts that I ripped from the top of my head. As always, I'm not saying I'm right. And I'm not saying you're wrong if you don't agree with me.  This may have done nothing for you other than change your perspective. But you know what I say, once that changes, so does your life.

It may just be an absolute game-changer for you, and your appreciation towards others who serve you.

Coach Theo

Friday, September 12, 2014


I want to give you my take real quick on stretching. It's super important. Active stretch (movement-based) before a workout. Static stretch (holds) after a workout.

Even though stretching is important, none of us like to spend time on it. And we don't have time to hit everything in our 1-hour classes. I run you through active at the beginning, but I leave post workout up to you. Ideally, if short on time, I would go straight to the foam roller and hit back, hamstrings, IT bands, and quads. If you have more time, here's three stretches I would hit to get the most bang for your buck.


*keep your back leg straight, keep the front foot flat.

*push your chest to your knees, push your heels to the ground to stretch your calf muscles.

*you may not need to go too far to feel this one.

Friday, September 5, 2014


I don't talk a lot about nutrition anymore.

It can be complicated.

EveryBODY's different.

It always depends.

And people like to make it way more difficult then it needs to be.

So now, I just let other people take over the conversation.

Like this awesome seminar I just watched.  This is probably one of the best videos about nutrition that I've ever seen before. Talk about saying everything that needs to be said, and saying it in the simplest way possible.

John Berardi (PHD, CSCS) is top of the line when it comes to nutrition. He knows the science behind it, he's got the experience, he's one of the only top dogs that I follow regarding performance nutrition. What I love about him though is how simple, practical, and straight-forward he keeps his stuff.

He is the founder of Precision Nutrition and recently posted his seminar titled HOW TO FIX A BROKEN DIET on his site. You can watch the full video yourself if you want, but I know you probably don't have 45 minutes to spare. So below, I've broken it down for you. *ALL credit goes to John Berardi. This is his information that I'm relaying to you straight from his seminar.  I just thought it was so powerful that everyone needs to hear it.

Some of my biggest take-aways are below, including some commonly asked questions that he breaks apart, and ONE ACTION STEP that you can do today that will make a huge difference in your life.

We do this a lot. We get hyped up about transforming our diet. Then we go search the internet and find numerous Top Ten Shred Lists, and we compile a huge list of 30 things to do all at once.  We follow the newest nutrition fad. We try to find meal plans. And in reality, none of this works.....well at least not permanently.  After a few weeks or months, we're done.  Berardi says just start with a "FEW THINGS WITH BIG IMPACT." One of which I'll share in a second.

Some of us aren't even eating real food or the right amount of food to begin with. It's always good to get some blood work drawn to test for any deficiencies.  Many of us are deficient in vitamin D, B's, iron, calcium, omega 3's, etc. A simple deficit that many miss is adequate hydration. Some just simply don't drink enough water. Look at your diet, analyze some of these warning signs, and start there.





Science doesn't prove either way. It's basically whatever you prefer.

On hard workout days, like when you come to FMU, you can add some extra starchy carbs to your diet, good right after the workout.  Also supplement with some BCAA's if you want, and a shake that includes 15 grams of protein and 30 grams of carbs per hour of exercise. Notice how your post workout shake NEEDS CARBS!

So, if you didn't change anything else in your diet, do this, and you'll reap some awesome benefits. Why? Because you're at least giving your body some essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that it needs.  Your energy, focus, and metabolism will thank you for it. 

Here's Berardi's Super Shake recommendation, but he said to feel free to mix in any types of fruits and veggies that you enjoy.

  • 1 cup of almond milk
  • 1 cup of ice
  • 1 cup of frozen berries
  • 1 cup of spinach
  • 1 scoop of protein powder 
  • 1 tsp of fish oil

And with that....
  • Wash down one multivitamin capsule.
  • Snack on a handful of mixed nuts.

Hey, there you have it. Some simple yet profound things to get your gears turning.

In his top-notch seminar, Berardi didn't talk about any low carb or Paleo diets.

He didn't tell you to intermittent fast or only eat during certain times of the day.

He didn't try to give us some scientific, intricate meal plan to follow.

He emphasized the entire seminar to keep it simple and make some solid changes that will have a huge impact.

The last two things he discussed that are extremely important were:

  • Observe progress carefully. Adjust intake as needed.
  • Do all of this consistently and long-term first, before adding any new strategies.

You know what's funny about nutrition? Usually you know what you're supposed to do.

You're just not doing it.

A small percentage of people will stay disciplined enough to.

Make it into that group.

Be disciplined, be consistent, and get after it today.

It may just be an absolute game-changer.

It's not about me,

Coach Theo

Friday, August 29, 2014

F PEOPLE, the game-changer

People are ignorante` aren't they?

The more I watch the news, the more I want to give up on humanity.

The more I see people flipping others off because they were cut off in traffic, the more I shake my head.

The more rants and arguments I see ensue on Facebook over childish comments that stem from nothing else other than ego, the more bitter I become.

People do some messed up things in this world. Its's disheartening and straight up appalling. It irks me, gets under my skin, and makes me want to throw fists at times.

But before I do, I say F 'em.

Seriously. F people.

F their attitudes, their disrespect, and their ignorance.

I'm done with thinking about them, worrying about them, and stressing about them.

I'm done with letting them affect me.


Ahhhhh I know that stinks to hear.


This doesn't mean you can't put your foot down and take a stance.

This doesn't mean you can't fight for what's right and stand up for a cause.

This doesn't mean you're condoning or promoting anything.

Remember, forgiveness isn't passive weakness, it's massive strength.

It releases grudges, animosity, and turmoil.

It helps you stoop when others want to throw rocks.

It helps you heal when others harbor pain.

It helps you get back up when you get knocked down.

Heck no it's not easy and no doubt there are situations where I'm not sure I'll be able to.

We do it not out of pity.

Or because of an I'm better than you mentality.

But because we're not any better.

Mercy was had on us, so we show it.

We forgive because we were forgiven.

"Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you (Ephesians 4:31-32 NIV)."

Coach Theo

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


It's humbling when your 4 yr old makes you look bad.

The other morning I was in the bathroom shaving and getting ready for the day. Loni (our 9 month old) was crying hysterically in her crib after she just woke up. She can be a little dramatic sometimes. When she wants out, she will let you know it. I couldn't get to her fast enough I guess. Gio already made it into her room. I heard him talking to her but couldn't piece together what he was saying. As I walked around the corner, I found him playing in her crib with her. Then he busted out this comforting line, "you want me to wipe away your tears sissy? I'll wipe them for you."

He stopped me in my tracks. Number 1, I hope he stays like this, he gets it. Number 2, how come I don't?

When my wife Amber cries, I treat her like one of the bros. "Come on babe." "You're strong remember." "You can do this." "It's just a mental game." "You gotta dig deep."

Even if that's true, why can't I just shut up for a second and say, "you want me to wipe away your tears babe. I'll wipe them for you."

Most of the time she's not looking for an answer. She doesn't want any advice. She just wants to be comforted.

I used to handle with care.

When we first started dating I would do anything for her. It's the game we all play at the beginning of a relationship. We put on our best outfits, our best personas, and our best charm. I would give her my utmost attention, bend over backwards to appease her, plan creative dates and outings together, and buy her anything she wanted. (No actually I didn't do that last one, I didn't have any money. She probably paid for our first date at McDonalds. #brokeasajoke)

I was desperate for her though. I wanted her badly. And I guess, according to what she throws in my face lately, I showed it more back then.

Now trust me, I love her to pieces now. I fight hard to never take a day with her for granted. But after two kids, a growing business, and just daily stressors of parenthood, life comes at you fast and gets in the way. Even though I think we spend more time together then most couples do, I'm not always "there" when we're together. 

Something happened the other night that was hysterical and freaky all at the same time. Amber was getting into bed.  She pulled the covers up in the dark, turned towards me, and connected her elbow to my eye socket. The elbow to my eyeball didn't hurt at all. But for some reason my eye bone nailed her right in the sweet spot of her FUNNY BONE. I guess hitting the funny bone can cause you to black out. Because that's what Amber did. (It's called a vasovagal response, it's very common when the nerve gets rattled like that.)

Within :20 seconds of thrashing her body back and forth aggressively claiming she just broke her arm, while I'm confused as heck since I was the one that got drilled in the eye ball, she cocked back to the pillow and LIGHTS OUT. Her eyes rolled back, face turned pail, her entire body relaxed and calmed down and I'm dazed and confused as to what all just happened.  

I scooped her up into my arms to bring her back to life and within those :10 seconds that seemed like eternity, all those thoughts you can imagine raced through my mind. 

"Wonder if I lost her?"

There's no doubt, my world would end.  She's the center of it.  So why can't I just shut up from time to time and make sure SHE knows that.

I want Gio's little big heart to stay pure like this.

One day when your wife is "nagging" don't react out of impatience like I do sometimes.

When that "time of the month" happens don't speak stupidity and call her the Devil.

When she freaks out over some girl drama, don't tell her to quit being a baby.

Keep that heart pure my son.  Men are different. We'll never fully understand the female language.  But we have to at least understand the need to respond to it differently.

For now, I guess I'm learning from you.

WELL DONE. You could have walked into Loni's room and told her to stop crying already. "Suck it up." "Here's some toys, dig down deep and get over it."  And you'll probably do that eventually, because that's what siblings do.  But you didn't.  You cared enough to climb into her crib, bring her some toys, and attempt to calm her down by just being available. 

God used you at that moment to remind me to shut my trap, validate your mom's feelings, and acknowledge that I can't do much, but I can at least wipe her tears away. And I will always be here to at least do that.

Hey, I'm not saying I'm right or that I'll ever get this right. I'm just a chump with a lot of work to do.

But I'm willing to try.

And I challenge all men to rise up and simply do just that.

Why? Because it's our job. That's what we're called to do.

"For husbands, this means love your wives, just as Christ loved the church. He gave up his life for her. Ephesians 5:25)"

When we got married our pastor said he didn't want us to have a good marriage, he wanted us to have the best one.

Things like this are helping us get closer.

It's not about me,
Coach Theo

*Coach Theo is the author of his newly released book "Conversations With Gio." Available on

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Dear college boys,

I'm Gio and in 14 years I want to be just like you.

When you go to college....

Will you show me how to be the life of the party without drinking and smoking.

Will you show me how to get involved in service and not just sports.

Will you show me how to be true to myself and not conform to the majority. 

Will you show me how to make all kids feel welcome and not just the cool ones.

Will you show me how to work hard and take pride in learning and not just skip class because it's boring. 

Will you show me how to take advantage of opportunities and not throw them away because of stupidity. 

Will you show me how to be wise with my money and not blow it at bars. 

Will you show me how to treat women with respect even if disrespected, how to fill them with value when they don't feel that they have any, and protect and provide for them like you would expect for your sister and mother. 

Will you show me how to embrace and be proud of my faith even when tested and degraded.

Will you show me how to leave ready to make this world better then the way it was left for me. 

Please don't forget that even if you don't believe it, I'm watching and learning. 

The path can be changed if you're willing to man up and change it.

Be an example today.

It's an absolute game-changer for the next generation. 

It's not about me,
Gio (4 yrs old)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014



I know it's an old-school train of thought, and we've all done it and probably still do it a little bit. But carb loading is a very misunderstood topic and we should probably not let our kids do what we did back in high school.  It's ok to eat a few extra carbs to replenish some glycogen stores, but doing it in the sense of what we typically imagine---gorging ourselves on extreme portions of spaghetti and garlic bread---probably isn't a good idea.


For kids and adults, eating a boat load of carbs the night before an event really isn't going to do anything, other than make you feel heavy and uncomfortable the next morning.  Pre-game prep is more about what you do for days and weeks leading up to the event, not the day before. Listen to what the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) says, "Good nutrition is training nutrition; it is about the food one eats day in and day out while preparing for competition day. Simply put, the adaptations that take place during training (and the food one eats during this time) are what lead to successful competition-day performance. One's only goal during a pre-competition meal is to not screw things up! (Dr. John Berardi, Foundations of Youth Conditioning)."


Before a performance event, you don't want to change up your eating style. This is not the time to test out new things. The goal is actually to keep things the same so your stomach is not paying for it while competing. While intentions are good to get the "right" stuff in your body for a big day, ingesting what you're not used to may not sit well and could potentially hinder your performance.  If you think about it, most kids aren't eating properly to begin with anyways. So trying to add the good stuff in an attempt to boost performance and energy right before competition may disturb the gastrointestinal tract and cause stomach cramps and the urge to go number 2!  Athletes should stick to what they know won't cause these issues.


  • Plan a proper eating plan for weeks leading up to an event.
  • Maybe increase your carb intake a little bit during the week of, particularly before, during, and after workouts.
  • Eat veggies and fruits at any meal and "other" carbs mostly after exercise.
  • The pre-competition meal a few hours before should be a comfortable amount, and simply to provide energy for competition without risking discomfort or fatigue.
  • Do not overeat and do not try anything new too close to competition.

It's not about me,

References: IYCA, Foundations of Youth Conditioning, Chapter 9.