Wednesday, February 4, 2015


You have to see how Dan lost 18lbs in 4 months. But first, I have to tell you a story....

It was a Saturday morning 8am workout. I worked out with the group. We finished a few minutes late. Eye of the Tiger still played on the gym speakers. Everyone left the gym as I sat on the floor stretching. Someone was still running on the turf though. As I looked over, Dan said, "mind if I finish?" It was then that I knew, he had it. 

The IT factor is what it takes to achieve any goal in life. It comes from within. Something external may be the catalyst, but ultimately YOU have to want it. You get yourself through the gym doors, through the workout, and through the extra minutes to finish your sprints like Dan did. 

Fast forward to yesterday. A little girl walks into my gym with her friend Sarah. They run around laughing together, climbing on things, hanging, playing tag. A few months ago she was shy and reserved when she showed up. But it didn't take long for her confidence to shine.  She beat her hang time by :30 seconds and went on to earn her white wristband. That girl is Dan's daughter, and again I say, he did IT again. The most important reason why we do this, he's being an example for his children. 

Dan has lost 18lbs in the short 4 months that he's been with us. Of course that accomplishment is fantastic. But again, it's the manifestation of his renewed thought processes and actions. You decide to do something differently, you then do something differently, and wahla! Results happen. It's not easy though. If it were, everyone would be doing it. 

Marc Quayle, one of FMU's toughest, sold Dan on the program. He said, "Can you give just Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday each week? And can you give it 6 months? If you do, FMU will change your life." Dan said he was wrong. "It took one month." 

Dan's favorite move is the sled sprint because of how hard it is. "It sucks the energy out of me." The first month he came, naturally he couldn't do that many. Now, he's definitely top 5 among males. 

He also likes to mix in Rocky Cardio now on Mondays into his routine. "Getting in better shape has given me more confidence. I also feel good that I'm setting an example for my kids." 

Like any champ athlete, he's not done. "Short term, I'm getting on top of that warped wall. Longer term, I'd like to do a half-Ironman." 

Dan is the Director of Government Relations for University Hospitals. He's also a city council member for Avon Lake and serves on the board of Smiles For Sophie Forever. He and his wife Andrea, who will be starting FMU soon by the way, have two daughters Mia (8, my FMU kid) and Kayla (11). 

Like anyone else, he's super busy. He sometimes goes to work early, he sometimes works late, and he sometimes travels. He could make excuses, but he doesn't. 

Oh yea, usually I would tell you the secrets to how he lost those 18lbs. But I think you get it now after reading about past game-changers. The secret is: HE JUST DID IT.

It's hard to get to the top. It's even harder to stay there. I think Dan will do it.

It's your turn now.

Congrats Dan! It's all you!

It's not about me,
Coach Theo