Monday, December 29, 2014


Yep, she did it.

She was already on my mental ballot for being selected as the game-changer of the month, then she went ahead and climbed that rope again. It was her second time so far.  Sealed the deal.

That's how Maureen Androsik is.  She challenges herself constantly.  I always say that a workout is as hard as you make it and you get out what you put into it.  Maureen gets this, and she dials it up as much as she can each and every session, for each and every minute of the entire hour.

I still remember the day she climbed the monkey bars for the first time, going from being barely able to hang on to completing each rung.

I watch how she runs over to the bands to work on her aztec push-ups during free play at Rocky Cardio. Because yea, that's an easy move that everyone loves to do.

I noticed how she hasn't missed a day in God knows how long and she's one of the first to sign up for any bonus classes we offer.

I hear her talk about how she's going to get up our new 11ft warped wall soon.

She's a gamer in the gym, and in life.

I could talk about her fitness performance all day, but that's not really the only reason she's being acknowledged.

Here are three things that immediately come to mind:

Maureen is altruistic, positive, and a family woman. She has three amazing girls who you can tell right away love her to pieces. One thing I love seeing is her working out with her oldest daughter Jess, a champion gymnast by the way. They have fun. They laugh. And it's a good thing Jess is there because she keeps Maureen and her friends doing the right moves and moving to the right stations.

Authenticity is hard to come by nowadays. It's refreshing to be around Maureen.  She is who she is, she will tell you like it is, and she does it in such a loving, nonjudgmental, accepting, and encouraging way.

Inspirational stories, in-depth quotes, and nothing but sound advice is what you can count on from Maureen. She's a highly successful business owner of a few FIVE GUYS Burgers and Fries. I never hesitate to go to her for some insight on running a business, and even among her busy schedule, she never hesitates to provide it.

There's a crew of some great friends that workout with Maureen at 530am. Here's just a few things they had to say about her:

"She is always so positive about everything."

"She always sees the bright side, and always makes us laugh!"

"Her comments during our workouts are hilarious and she pushes you out of your comfort zone."

"She puts her heart into everything, her girls, her friends, her workouts. Her laugh is infectious."

It was once said that many people can make big plays in life, but it takes a rarity to completely change the game.

Thank you Maureen for being a rarity.

Because you've absolutely changed the game at FMU.

And for that we'll be forever grateful.

It's not about us,
Coach Theo and Amber

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