Monday, December 29, 2014


Yep, she did it.

She was already on my mental ballot for being selected as the game-changer of the month, then she went ahead and climbed that rope again. It was her second time so far.  Sealed the deal.

That's how Maureen Androsik is.  She challenges herself constantly.  I always say that a workout is as hard as you make it and you get out what you put into it.  Maureen gets this, and she dials it up as much as she can each and every session, for each and every minute of the entire hour.

I still remember the day she climbed the monkey bars for the first time, going from being barely able to hang on to completing each rung.

I watch how she runs over to the bands to work on her aztec push-ups during free play at Rocky Cardio. Because yea, that's an easy move that everyone loves to do.

I noticed how she hasn't missed a day in God knows how long and she's one of the first to sign up for any bonus classes we offer.

I hear her talk about how she's going to get up our new 11ft warped wall soon.

She's a gamer in the gym, and in life.

I could talk about her fitness performance all day, but that's not really the only reason she's being acknowledged.

Here are three things that immediately come to mind:

Maureen is altruistic, positive, and a family woman. She has three amazing girls who you can tell right away love her to pieces. One thing I love seeing is her working out with her oldest daughter Jess, a champion gymnast by the way. They have fun. They laugh. And it's a good thing Jess is there because she keeps Maureen and her friends doing the right moves and moving to the right stations.

Authenticity is hard to come by nowadays. It's refreshing to be around Maureen.  She is who she is, she will tell you like it is, and she does it in such a loving, nonjudgmental, accepting, and encouraging way.

Inspirational stories, in-depth quotes, and nothing but sound advice is what you can count on from Maureen. She's a highly successful business owner of a few FIVE GUYS Burgers and Fries. I never hesitate to go to her for some insight on running a business, and even among her busy schedule, she never hesitates to provide it.

There's a crew of some great friends that workout with Maureen at 530am. Here's just a few things they had to say about her:

"She is always so positive about everything."

"She always sees the bright side, and always makes us laugh!"

"Her comments during our workouts are hilarious and she pushes you out of your comfort zone."

"She puts her heart into everything, her girls, her friends, her workouts. Her laugh is infectious."

It was once said that many people can make big plays in life, but it takes a rarity to completely change the game.

Thank you Maureen for being a rarity.

Because you've absolutely changed the game at FMU.

And for that we'll be forever grateful.

It's not about us,
Coach Theo and Amber


"Some people have developed a sixth sense in life. And it is one of the most detrimental things to them and society's well-being. It's the sense of, entitlement. " Coach Theo

Two things will most likely happen, they'll either end up in jail or dead. That was the harsh reality for MK and 90% of the juveniles I worked with in a group home as a social worker. They just came from jail and we were part of their transitional housing to help them get back on their feet. Unfortunately, not all of them were willing to do their part to make it work.

MK had a terrible life and was put through things that I could never imagine. The world was so cruel, but the reality was, it wasn't going to get any nicer. He shared his lofty goals with me one day. He laid around played video games the next. I guess he was doing what most of us have done at some point in our lives.....waiting around for things to happen.

My dad always said don't expect life to give you anything. If you want it, you better go get it.

So often in our lives we see such false expectations among human beings. Just turn on social media and look at some of these protests that are happening right now, especially the Oberlin students who expect their professors to give them passing grades without having to work for it. Or work in retail or a restaurant for a day and watch how rude customers can be if they don't get what they want. Or be a teacher, boss, or coach and watch the attitudes of many students, employees, parents, and athletes.

A lot of people, and I mean a lot of people, feel entitled. This feeling of entitlement, in my opinion, is extremely irrational, selfish, and self destructive to ourselves and our world.


Comfort isn't mandatory.

Success doesn't have to happen.

People don't have to treat us a certain way.

It's ideal, but it's not reality.

So I say, don't expect it.

Expect no hand outs.

Expect no one to do it for you.

Expect to take responsibility. 

Expect nothing in return.

Expect you don't deserve anything in life except your breath. Actually, that's not a right either. It's a privilege. Expect that you're only right is to love the fact that you have it, and you can do everything in your power to make the best of it. 

This sixth sense is in some way in all of us. Perhaps we let it out in our marriage, or our jobs, or how we view and handle money. Little bits and pieces will come out in certain relationships and situations.   But if and when we fall into this default mode, we must quickly get out of it.

Lil P did. He was abused and neglected and bounced back and forth from multiple foster homes his whole life. At 18 he was left with no immediate family in his life. And as he left the group home with nothing but a trash bag full of his belongings, I knew he was going to make it, because his attitude said it would. "I'm going to college and becoming a counselor one day man. I'm going to make something of myself and prove everyone wrong."

The world ain't always sunshine and rainbows. It will beat you down if you let it.

Pretend that's the only thing you're entitled to.

Then focus on the right you do have.

The right to control  YOUR effort...





To any and every situation you're put into.

When you own that, tell the world to watch out.

Because that's when you stop waiting around for things to happen...


And it will become an absolute game-changer for you, and everyone in your life.

It's not about us,
Coach Theo

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


"After working out for so long (since 6th grade), there are many things I tend to take for granted as a coach now."

A few weeks ago, one of my adult members Maureen was exhausted after a tri-set station (when you do three moves in a circuit format, then repeat). She said, "I need more time before I start the next set. That one just got me."
Maureen is a gamer, she brings it every workout. But today she turned it up a notch.

It was the same tri-set workout we had done for the last two weeks.  In fact, I started to notice that the entire class was bringing something different this 530am. The intensity was way up. You could see a much different effort in the air.

What was so different?

I challenged them to do one thing that day: #COUNT YOUR NUMBERS.

One reason I don't like using timed intervals is because it's too easy to just go through the motions and work for the time instead of reps. Working out can then become mindless, and when it does, then I firmly believe it isn't nearly as effective.

But in a big class setting, you generally need a timer to keep people flowing.  So one thing I do when personally working out in this format, is just focus on my reps and not even worry about the timer. If I'm done early then I stop. If I need to work through the break to finish, then I do. Sometimes I skip the next move because I'd rather focus on more pull-ups on the next set instead of being too tired to max out, for example.

Not everyone does this though, and I've been starting to realize that they need the MENTAL GAME adjusted a little bit.

Let me make a note here real quick, there is a time and place to take it easy and just move through the reps. Sometimes you had a really bad week, lots of stress, sick, just not in the mood....totally get it. Those days you should just "be" and let the kinks work themselves out.  You can't go 100% every workout.

But for the most part, if you don't think about your reps, if you don't have something you're shooting for, then here's what happens:
1. You don't do as many reps as you could.
2. You don't use as heavy as weight as you could.
3. You don't challenge your muscles and heart rate as much as you could, which means you don't get as much out of the 1hr session as you could.

So here's all I'm saying, if you do this one simple step, COUNT YOUR NUMBERS, you will immediately gain more from your workouts.

The magic is it brings you into the moment. Now instead of thinking about everything else you have to do that day, you are concentrating on your movement, form, tension, and performance, and you're IN IT to WIN IT.

Another one of my adult members Missy was doing atomic plank-ups (plank to pushup in suspension straps) in our night class.  The first set she did 6.  The next time she came back to that move I stayed next to her and I said let's shoot for 9. It was no problem. She nailed it with perfect form.

She had a number to shoot for.


It's a secret....

But it's not.

It's not about competing with others.  It's not about being the best in the room.  It's about challenging yourself to get out of your comfort zone and reach your fullest potential. If you're capable of 10, why would you stop at 5?

You'll never know where you can get until you take yourself there.


It will be an absolute game-changer for you and all of your workouts.

It's not about us,
Coach Theo

Monday, December 15, 2014



The FMU Community has been getting out into the community to RAOK (Random Act of Kindness) people. We still have 10 days left to do something special.  

But check out some of these awesome ideas and stories already.  

70 people have a tshirt.

This is going to be incredible and very humbling.

We are sharing not for recognition, but TO ACTIVATE OTHERS to do something also.


Coach Theo

Stephanie K.
Wow! I was nervous! I approached the 1st person I saw in the grocery store and explained what I was doing and she was so happy! She said that she was on disability and she is struggling right now. God put her in my vision!!

Julie D. 1:
While I wait for the FMU shirts....delivered coffee to a waiting room this morning for families waiting for patients to come out of surgery.

Mandy and Kelly
So here is Kelly and my pic. It isn't a big thing - we helped a local organization (The French Creek District) by organizing a group at our school to bake cookies for their annual Santa Stroll. Just doing a little something in our community.

Robin and Zack
*Mega Bonus points for taking picture with the raokee!*
Zack and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings today (Jeff was home with the flu). We both wore our t-shirts. We had an incredibly nice waiter named Dan. When he came back for our payment, Zack give him a Rudolph-the-Red-Nosed-Reindeer bucket with a gift in it, said Happy Holidays and thank you (that's a lot for a 9 year old to say).

Maureen A.
Ok this was more like a RANDOM ACT OF CRAZINESS!!! My sister has 3 foster kiddos that did not have the easiest start in life to say the least. So to create some Christmas magic Olivia rang some bells and with the help of a $6 Santa suit purchased at the thrift store we peeked in some windows and waved at the kids. They SCREAMED in hysteria. It was awesome! These kids deserve it they are a real Christmas miracle! (I only hope I did not catch anything from the suit, I feel a little itchy) hohoho

Monica Hoban
The Hoban family RAK... We woke up early and made and served lunch for the homeless at the St Augustine Hunger center. It was a great experience for the kids during this Advent season. We chopped over 30 onions ( my hands still stink) 20 green peppers, rolled silverware, cut up 100 pieces of pumpkin pie, served the food, washed and dried dishes, cleaned tables and then stacked chairs. Whew! We are tired!... I just realized I have no pics of me... But then again... It's not about me!!!

Monday, December 8, 2014


I'm about to make my video for the next season of American Ninja Warrior submissions.

And I need to admit something to you....

I can't do the warped wall right now.

I physically can, because I've done it before.

But mentally, I stop myself.

I won't commit.

I won't reach with both hands.

I hate heights and my mind is messing with me big time.  My palms are sweaty just thinking about it.

But I absolutely love it. It's a whole new element for me and it's making me struggle with some new growth.  I know myself, and I know what this is going to do to me inside and out.

The other day when I was talking to a group of people I said "if you want to do something big then you need to quit stopping yourself."

You hear it time and time again, the biggest difference between people that accomplish things and those that don't, is that they JUST DO IT.

They don't just talk about losing weight, they just do it.

They don't just talk about starting their own business, they just do it.

They don't just talk about writing that book they've been meaning to write, they just do it.

Little by little. One step at a time.

Even when they fail, because trust me, read about any success story, and that's a huge part of it.

Even when they don't know what's going to happen, because guess what, none of us do.

Even when others dismiss their ideas, because it's a fact, there will always be haters.

When we started Fit Me Up, we built a website before we had a business.

It was one tiny way that we could PHYSICALLY take action, to start a passion that we MENTALLY dreamt about.

I encourage you to do that today.

There is something on your heart that you really want to do or know needs to get done.  No matter how big or small.

Maybe it's just mending a broken relationship.

Maybe it's just completing that proposal.

Maybe it's starting that new blog.

Just map out a plan and take one tiny step of action.

Then tomorrow, take another one.

They add up, and that's how true change happens.

There's one thing that I've become really good at.....

And that's putting myself out there.

I don't care what I look like, or if I fall flat on my face.

I may not even make the Ninja Warrior show.  And if I do, I may not even make it past the first obstacle.

It's not even my thing to be honest.

But it's a new challenge that gets me out of my comfort zone and has been doing wonders for my training.

And more than anything, I promised my kids I would try.

So I'll take my first step tomorrow and record my video. Then from there, it's HIStory.

But I promise you this, no matter what, I will nail that warped wall.

Because many things will stop me in life, but never again will it be myself.

Don't let yourself stop you today. Dreams don't just happen. You gotta make them happen.

Do it today.

It may just be an absolute game-changer....

For you, and everyone in your life.

It's not about us,
Coach Theo

Thursday, December 4, 2014


I sit here trying to write a speech for tomorrow. Everything has gotten in the way this week, preventing me from doing so. The topic is around stress. So guess what, I'm not stressin.

Just as I sit down to focus my thoughts, I get a call from my wife, with the baby screaming her lungs out in the background. It's been a rough few weeks. Our one year old has been sick for a long time and the only thing we can do to soothe her is hold her, constantly. Today is an extremely long day for me, 430am-8pm, leaving my wife home the entire day to fend for herself.

So, my thoughts start racing about my appreciation for her. Although I say I never take her for granted, I'm still human. Let's be real, I do. And although I like to think that I'm nowhere near your typical husband and father, I woke up every feeding and diaper change for the last four years just so you know, there are still many things Amber does as a mommy that I don't.

Because it's not about me, and I think she could use a little boost right now, I focus my thoughts on her instead.


It's not that I don't want to, I just don't think about it. Ok, and I have this fear that I'm going to hurt them. But I can't even get a chance to get the clippers out because it's something mommy thinks about before I do, and therefore gets it done before I even think about it.

Again, it's not that I don't or wouldn't want to, it's just another one of those things that mommy is on top of. She knows it's a priority to keep the bed bugs away and she has their sheets in the wash every week or so to do just that.

Every. Stinkin. Night. For the last four and a half years, there has not been one night that Amber has not quietly opened their bedroom doors to walk in and peek at their snoozing faces, tuck them in, and make sure their night lights and sound machines aren't malfunctioning. Again, I love doing it too, but most of the time she's already done it before I had the chance. And you can't open the door twice or else it increases their chances of waking up.

I read Gio's books to him and half the time I don't even know what I read, because we read it so many times and I know he's just going to keep asking me for another one as he manipulates his way to prolong his bedtime! Amber takes time to spell out words with him. With her finger under the letters she says "Cu cu cu, ah ah ah, teh teh, Cat. That's right. Cat." Her and her preschool teaching self!

You know, I get on her about her worrying. "Where's it gonna get you?" "Just let it go, we'll figure it out." But wonder if she didn't worry? Wonder if she did just let these little things go? Where the heck would we be?

Our kids would be long nailed, bed-bugged, illiterate little fools for a long time.

These are just little thoughts that just came to my mind.  I share to get some brownie points from my wife and because I know there are other husbands out there who need to be reminded too.

It's not about me.
But I probably need to get back to that speech.
Coach Theo