Monday, December 15, 2014



The FMU Community has been getting out into the community to RAOK (Random Act of Kindness) people. We still have 10 days left to do something special.  

But check out some of these awesome ideas and stories already.  

70 people have a tshirt.

This is going to be incredible and very humbling.

We are sharing not for recognition, but TO ACTIVATE OTHERS to do something also.


Coach Theo

Stephanie K.
Wow! I was nervous! I approached the 1st person I saw in the grocery store and explained what I was doing and she was so happy! She said that she was on disability and she is struggling right now. God put her in my vision!!

Julie D. 1:
While I wait for the FMU shirts....delivered coffee to a waiting room this morning for families waiting for patients to come out of surgery.

Mandy and Kelly
So here is Kelly and my pic. It isn't a big thing - we helped a local organization (The French Creek District) by organizing a group at our school to bake cookies for their annual Santa Stroll. Just doing a little something in our community.

Robin and Zack
*Mega Bonus points for taking picture with the raokee!*
Zack and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings today (Jeff was home with the flu). We both wore our t-shirts. We had an incredibly nice waiter named Dan. When he came back for our payment, Zack give him a Rudolph-the-Red-Nosed-Reindeer bucket with a gift in it, said Happy Holidays and thank you (that's a lot for a 9 year old to say).

Maureen A.
Ok this was more like a RANDOM ACT OF CRAZINESS!!! My sister has 3 foster kiddos that did not have the easiest start in life to say the least. So to create some Christmas magic Olivia rang some bells and with the help of a $6 Santa suit purchased at the thrift store we peeked in some windows and waved at the kids. They SCREAMED in hysteria. It was awesome! These kids deserve it they are a real Christmas miracle! (I only hope I did not catch anything from the suit, I feel a little itchy) hohoho

Monica Hoban
The Hoban family RAK... We woke up early and made and served lunch for the homeless at the St Augustine Hunger center. It was a great experience for the kids during this Advent season. We chopped over 30 onions ( my hands still stink) 20 green peppers, rolled silverware, cut up 100 pieces of pumpkin pie, served the food, washed and dried dishes, cleaned tables and then stacked chairs. Whew! We are tired!... I just realized I have no pics of me... But then again... It's not about me!!!

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