Thursday, October 2, 2014


Well, the game-changer parking lot sign came just in time.

We wanted it before we announced our Oct. game-changer of the month.

It’s just a little symbol of our “it’s not about me” motto, and a way to do something fun and special and to put others first, just like this next couple has done so much for us.

Meet Julie and Dave Dombrowski.

If you haven’t met them before, hopefully you do soon.  They’re part of our 6:45pm crew.  We met them back around Pull Ups For Zoe 2.0 in February.  They started coming to our workouts and over the last eight months, they have rarely missed a day.

I can sit here all day and talk about how they’ve been crushing performance goals left and right, such as:
  • ·         Dave winning the Hitman Challenge 3.0.
  • ·         Julie slashing off 2 minutes from her 3 mile time and increasing her push-ups by 15 reps in just 6 weeks.
  • ·         Both losing weight and toning their bodies and most importantly, getting stronger and more conditioned all around.

But you know game-changing status doesn’t come from workouts and training accomplishments alone.

We always look at character, and we can’t say enough about the Dombrowski’s.

Just like in church, family, relationships, and so much more, what you put in has a huge effect on what you get out of it.  Dave and Julie don’t just put a lot into their workouts, they invest a lot into the FMU community.
  • ·         They love to help at our charity events.
  • ·         They Initiate and stay to clean-up after literally every workout they attend.
  • ·         And if you need something moved or built, guess what, they don’t hesitate to volunteer to help. 

Listen to this, the other day I was at home depot and needed a truck to transport some lumber back to the gym. I checked in with Dave to see if he was bringing his truck to class that night, and he said, “well I’ll be there in fifteen minutes since I’m off today.”  He dropped what he was doing, and lent a hand, without hesitation.

Julie did the same when it came time to pass out flyers and posters for Hitman Challenge.   And to pick up water and fruit from Giant Eagle.  And to help get the flowers for Smiles For Sophie. Oh, and to bring us Mitchell’s ice cream for our Last Supper before the Clean Eating Challenge.  Oops.


Showing up is one thing.

Giving it your all is another.

You can’t instill in people the DESIRE to want to CONSTANTLY get better. You can spark it, but it has to come from within.  Julie and Dave have it.

We’ve loved watching them reach for new heights over the last few months.

We know they’re just going to keep reaching higher.

And that’s why without a doubt, they are selected as October Game-Changers of the Month.

Now, I know how you guys are. But don’t try to give up that parking spot.

You’ve earned it.


It’s not about me,

Coach Theo


  1. Congrats Dave & Julie! You've earned it.

  2. Wow! It's only been 8 months with them seems like a lot longer because they are FMU Family!!! Congrats, gamechangers!!!