Wednesday, November 12, 2014

the prayerful minute, how :60 seconds can change your life

There's one thing I do that I haven't told you....

Every morning I walk into the gym, I pray over the upcoming day.

I finally put a name to it: THE PRAYERFUL MINUTE.  My friends have the Heroic Minute and Mandatory Minute, so I didn't want to steal their ideas.

I'm sharing it with you, in case you want to institute it into your life as well.


1. Give thanks for another day.
You didn't have to wake up today, but you did. Even among all the chaos in your life right now, are you thankful for it?

2. Checkpoint your personality.
We are quick to judge others, and we are very quick to pray for others to change. But have you check-pointed yourself first? How can you get better? What are some of your weaknesses? Can you pray for God to give you strength, courage, confidence, patience, whatever it may be?

3. Ask God how you can better serve Him and others.
Instead of asking God what He can do for you, ask instead what you can do for Him.  Look at the people around you, those that you'll interact with throughout the upcoming day---how can you better serve them? Reach out to them? Love them better?  And above all else, how can you MAKE GOD'S NAME GREAT in all that you do?

A minute to win it.

It's extremely powerful and life-changing.

And you know it turns into way more than a minute

Can you take :60 seconds today?

I don't usually guarantee much....

But I do guarantee that this will be an absolute game-changer....

For you...

And everyone in your life.

It's not about us,
Coach Theo

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