Wednesday, June 18, 2014

SHOULD GUYS COACH GIRLS' SPORTS? Something to think about.

I had a really cool conversation with some of my kids today (three freshmen girls and one twelve yr old boy) about their experiences with coaches.

Unfortunately, they weren't that great. We talked about the loss of "FUN" in sports and the drill sergeant push for "WINNING" by coaches, which creates bad experiences and pushes kids away from wanting to even participate.

But on another level, we discussed MEN coaching GIRLS' sports?  It was really neat to hear their perspective on this topic.

Do men know how to relate and change their approach for young girls?  Do they need to?

Here's some stuff to think about:

1. Do men understand how to communicate with young girls?

2. Do men understand the emotions of young girls?

3. Do men understand the physical stuff that girls deal with?

I tell you what, it really got me thinking. Girls are different. Heck, there are numerous of books trying to help men better communicate with them. After all, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.  I still don't know if I even have the equation right with my wife Amber. I know there's a lot of work I'll have to do with my daughter as she grows up. At 7 months old, I can already see the difference in her needs vs my son's!  Plus, the physical stuff of periods and all the emotions that go with it! Let's face it men, we take it for granted.  Explain how we can expect to play our best in a game when that time of the month just completely rocked our body and altered our moods like no other!  Practice is cancelled today girls, let's just talk. Actually, we can't even do that because you know nothing will come out right.

I don't know the exact answer but I will say this, it can be done, but definitely not by the average Joe. After having this convo and thinking about what my young athletes have said, I'm really thinking a lot of girls are getting messed up out there by unprepared male coaches. I have a lot of girls in my fitness programs, and one in fact is ALL 8th-9th grade girls. I definitely have a different approach and I'm definitely more sensitive. But I promise you, it helps having Amber give me advice and my assistant coach is a college-bound female. They get it and they'll steer me right.

So even though it can be completely detrimental to have a male coach for a girls sport.....

I bet some of you will say it could actually be better?

I'm not saying I'm right. It's just my opinion.  I'd love to hear yours.....

It's not about me,
Coach Theo

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