Monday, June 9, 2014


1700 kids have been in my audience at least once over the last six months.

I guesstimated this number after adding up my training programs, assemblies, school events, youth obstacle races, classroom visits, and charity events that we've had since January. This is a rough number and it only counts each child once, even the 150 that I see regularly through my weekly programming.

1700 kids have sat in front of me, participated in an activity with me, listened to a message I shared, and/or watched something I've done.

That's a big number.

That's an immense responsibility.

That's heckuva an opportunity to create IMPACT.

Let me take this a few places though as I think about impact creation:

I used let numbers affect me. If only three were in my workout did that mean I wasn't a good trainer?  If only ten were at my speech did that mean I wasn't a good speaker?  When hundreds more walk through my gym does that mean I'm now successful?  I had to squash this thinking real fast. One, because I don't like to stress about stuff like this, it gives me a headache. Two, because it doesn't really matter.

Yes, it's great to be in front of a lot of people. It means your reach is expanding and your platform is growing.  It could mean you're doing a really good job and more people want to be around you. If you're doing the right thing and leading the right way, then this is absolutely incredible. We need more positive people sending a meaningful message.  But, numbers can't be your main intention and you can't let them define you.

Because at the end of the day, you can make a big impact in a large setting, but it's when you funnel people into a micro level that you can really make a difference. Relationships are true game-changers and when you're one on one or in small groups is when you can really hit others beyond just surface level material.

I love large groups and big crowds and prefer being in that setting, the energy is higher and I feel the Spirit ripping through like no other. But I can't neglect the power of the small, intimate, continual moments with people who are in my life on a regular basis that continues to produce everlasting change, for both parties. When I'm on a phone call with my buddies from the industry who are hitting me on a much deeper level--asking me about my marriage, my kids, my internal struggles and prayer requests. When I'm in a private session with my client and we're diving into much deeper issues than just sets and reps.  When I'm with a few of my younger kids talking about insecurities with body image and bullies at school.  This is where you see true change start to happen.

The other thing about quality is you have to look at what type of material you're producing. Are you providing perspective-changing truth that's practical and relatable and authentic? Or are you just producing motivating fluff that's attractive and get's people in the door?  You don't just want to excite and fire people up temporarily. The challenge is always to excite and fire people up enough to take action and keep taking it for the long-term.

"The quantity of impact is great but the quality of impact is even greater."

You can't say or do something just to make other's happy. Sometimes it's the hard stuff that will give them a gut-check.  You can't just say what others want to hear. That's not going to penetrate like it's supposed to. You can't do it for your own recognition. You have to sincerely care about others and the direction of their life. It's not about your status or your ratings or your Facebook likes.

Because here's the bottom line.....

1700 kids is unbelievable and makes me feel very honored and grateful and I will never take it for granted.

But even if one shows up at my training session or speech or event, my duty is to provide exactly what God intended me to.

Even if one person shows up then I'd still put in the same prep time and enthusiasm that I was meant to.

Even if one person is deeply inspired, transformed, and reconfigured by something I've done, by the way I live my life, by my attitude and perspective, then it's worth every ounce of sharing my gifts, talents, and abilities.


Never doubt the power of your influence. Get out there today and help even just one person breathe a better life. It may just be an absolute game-changer.

It's not about me,
Coach Theo

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