Friday, January 3, 2014

Ryan Cuts 45lbs and 26 minutes Off His Race Time, the game-changer

This is an extra special game-changer of the month, not just because of his off-the-charts accomplishments, but because he's my big brother.

Ryan Theo has tackled every one of his goals over the last 314 days:
·         Ran his Fastest 5k ever, going from a 10 minute mile to an 8 minute mile.
·         Ran his Fastest half-marathon
·         Lost a tremendous 45lbs
His latest challenge was the Men's Health Urbanathlon in Chicago---an 11 mile obstacle run with over 11+ obstacles. He went from the last 500 last year to the top 400 this year and slashed off an astonishing 26 minutes from his time. You just don't do that in one year. People get excited if they cut three minutes total off from their entire race time. Three minutes off per mile is downright insane.

Ryan has always been a self-driven human being.  He was a stellar student-athlete in high school and college. A straight-A student his whole life, I was always “the chosen one's” little brother. "You have some big shoes to fill," they'd say. But it didn’t bother me to be compared.  I knew he was great too.  And I didn't care about even trying to fill his shoes, I was following them. Somehow.  With my C and D self.  Eventually I would pull it together!

He was an all-Ohio football player and a top-notch wrestler. Get this; he was one of the heaviest weights, wrestling at 215lbs, while I was the lightest weight, wrestling at 103lbs.  Now, 14 years later we are only almost exactly the same weight.

So there's no doubt that when Big Daddy Theo puts his mind to something, he's going to accomplish it. It's like we always say, you just have to make that switch from “I kind of want it,” to “I want it so bad I’ll do whatever it takes to get there.”  Ryan made the switch back in January. And he's running full steam ahead doing whatever it takes to keep it on.

If you ask him, he hasn't made any huge transformations. It's the simple things, as it always is. Cutting back on fast-food and alcohol. Eating smaller portions. Putting more fruits and veggies and whole foods in his body. And ramping up his workouts to 5-6 times per week. 3x with us, 2-3 cardios on his own.

3 tips you can learn from him:
1. Sign up for something. I don't think this guy has any open month without some sort of 5k race of fitness challenge that he's signed up for.

2. Nutrition. He’ll tell you that one of his biggest game-changers is to stop eating later than 7pm at night.  

3. Working out. Just do it. Not Zumba either. Ok just kidding, that's a supplemental workout though---For fun. Practically speaking, no matter what, if you want to be FIT you have to do strength and resistance training and some form of cardio like running. The human body needs it.

My bro moved to Westlake after finding a transfer for his federal agent job about a year and a half ago. I'm glad he did. After bunking together our entire lives in a small bedroom with our younger bro too, a 5 hour drive to Pennsylvania seemed like an eternity. Now he’s only a few minutes down the road. I get to see him at our gym each week.  And my life feels a little more complete having my only blood-paisan in the area.

As far as filling those shoes…..

Well, he does a good job as a big brother not letting me.

Great big brothers do that. They don’t stay at the bottom….

Because they know they have to help get you to the top.

Thank God for Ryan.

He’s an absolute game-changer.

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