Friday, December 20, 2013

FMU DEC Game-Changers of the Month, Youth & Adult


It's not easy picking a youth member of the month.  I work with about 100 kids each week, and all are so special and talented.  Often they do something to stand out, but what Joey did a few weeks ago really captured my attention.  He strapped himself to the band and started practicing Aztec Push-ups.  Of course, it's fun to bounce up and down on the band, so he did 150 of them.  As his mom and I continued to talk at the end of class, he decided to jump back on and do 100 more.  250 Aztec Push-ups later and I don't think there's anything else you can say but: DETERMINATION.

Game-changing members of the month are not selected solely on performance. It's just that performance is usually a characteristic of game-changers.  Joey is an amazing kid!  I remember his first session, lots of questions, lots of energy, lots of excitement to jump over the marine hurdles repeatedly.  Then his next few sessions, the energy didn't stop. A few months later and he still runs in to the gym like the energizer bunny ready to climb the rope and the monkey bars and run back and forth on the turf throwing dodgeballs.  What I love about him most is his creativity.  He throws out awesome ideas about exercise moves and games and has patented the FMU Ninja Jump 360 to a Forward Roll---he'll make sure to remind me of that too, always!  I'll take Joey any day. Not because of his Aztecs. Not because of his fitness accomplishments. But because of who he is. Congratulations Joey for all of your hard work.  Keep rising up with your eyes up! You're an absolute game-changer.


Jon P is a maniac!  This guy comes into the gym to every 530am class and tears it up.  He's been doing it for a year now. A few weeks ago we got to chatting as he was attempting his 10th pull-up on the monkey bar, which is no easy feat for an over 6ft tall, 212lber!  "Remember when you first came? Whoa remember when you first came!!! You're a totally different man now!"

 Down 22lbs and 8% body fat since last December, this guy is a lean machine now.  He hits his workouts hard each week and focuses on quality nutrition.  He doesn't do anything crazy, he just stays disciplined enough to keep shredding!   And he's still going!  But again, it's not just about performance.  It's about character. A few weeks ago I made a post about needing an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator), a life-saving device in case of emergencies at FMU.  These gadgets cost well over $1,000, so we sought some help.  Instantly Jon messaged me with intentions of purchasing the whole thing out of the goodness of his heart.  I told him it was way too much money to allow him to do that. With a second donation, and FMU's part, we pulled together the resources to purchase the AED.

It's people like Jon that make FMU so special.  He's a hardworking manager at Hyland Software and a father of a little boy and girl.  A family man with a big heart, and now, big muscles.

Thanks Jon P for being you my brother.  You're an absolute game-changer.

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