Friday, January 3, 2014

One More Rep

In fitness, you sometimes take it to a point where you can't go anymore....and then you take it one more rep. That could make all the difference. You wouldn't feel like jello, but now you do. The heart wasn't beating out of your chest, but now it is. You weren't going to puke, but now you fight to keep it down.

That one more rep.

You had to do it. The person next to you was. You couldn't let them beat you. Same with your mind. It usually wins, but this time you're showing it who's boss.

Who would have thought that :60 could feel so bad. Or that a little over 6 min of total work could tap your body out so much. The exhaustion. The fatigue. The light-headedness. You thought you were in good shape. And you are. It's just that one more rep.

You didn't hold back this time. You didn't pace yourself. You got out of your comfort zone. You dug a little bit deeper. Pushed a little bit harder. Gave it a little bit more. To get one more rep.

It does make all the difference.

You exposed your muscles, energy systems, and mental game to something they're not used to. They gained a new growth, burn, and strength. You gained a new perspective. Now you walk out of those gym doors a different person, with a different stride, a different gait, and a different composure.

That one more rep.

That’s all it takes in fitness and in life, yet sometimes we make things so difficult. We psyche ourselves out before we get started, because we see too many steps and too many obstacles, and not enough of the bigger picture.

Small steps. Incremental ones. Gradual and progressive. It may hurt at times. You may feel like you can't go anymore. But through that struggle is where you find something and someone that you never knew dwelled inside...if you would have stopped shy of that one more rep.

That’s where the magic happens.

All out.

Insane effort.

Extraordinary intensity.

In life sometimes you take it to a point where you can't go anymore....and then you take it one more rep. You didn’t feel like you were going to succeed but now you do. You didn’t think you could keep climbing the ladder but now you are. You didn’t think that transformation would keep happening but now you can’t stop it.

That one more rep. You don’t have to. But you choose to. Because you know it will make you better....

For them.

That one more rep. Hit it today. It's an absolute game-changer.

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