Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Stephanie loses 30lbs, her game-changing transformation

Just this past December, Stephanie K. came walking through our gym doors.  She was a little nervous, somewhat uncertain as to what to expect, but totally geared up.  I could see it in her face that she was ready to go.  

Not even a few weeks later and I knew for sure she had the x-factor.  Attitude is everything and I quickly saw that she had the heart of a champion.

Here are three things that immediately stood out about Stephanie:
  • She’s fun.
  • She’s not afraid to try new things.
  • She’s not afraid to get strong.

That’s why she’s running her first 5k this Friday at Smiles For Sophie in Avon Lake, Oh.  She set it as a goal about a month ago, pulled together a training program, and started logging in the miles.  

She’s also signed up for our upcoming HITMAN CHALLENGE on Aug. 16. Climbing monkey bars, 8ft walls, and pulling heavy sleds doesn’t seem to intimidate her a bit.  Oh yea, and she got her family to sign up too. 

This is when fitness becomes meaningful, when it becomes bigger than you.  Stephanie’s example is inspiring other people to make a change too. Her husband has lost 20lbs since he joined her journey.  She attributes her husband and kids as her main source of motivation. “My motivation is and always will be my family! I take care of me and then I can be a better wife and mom.”

We haven’t even got to the good stuff yet.  Stephanie has lost an incredible 30lbs to date. She has dropped 8 sizes.  And she’s still going!  “My newest motivation is getting stronger. I love feeling stronger! And I'm not done yet!!”

There’s no stopping this girl and I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes next.

Stephanie agrees that the hardest part is nutrition. “Learning the good and the bad, when to eat things and when not to and trying to make the changes stick!”  

“My biggest change has to be exercise. In the past, I have exercised and enjoyed it but I always stopped when the girls were out of school for summer and I have never ever trained like we do. I have never used the equipment and have never pushed myself so hard. I've never seen changes like this before either.”

Let me point out that Steph has 4 children, ALL GIRLS by the way!!!  She finds a way to get it done.  

We love having her a part of the family. She has an amazing servant’s heart. She always willing to help with an event, she’s always welcoming and helpful to new members who walk into class for the first time, and she never hesitates to offer to hold our baby when we need help cleaning up after class or want to sit down to eat at the FMU cookout!  

She deserves to walk around with a new swag…..

And I love how she’s proud to support FMU apparel while she’s doing it.

Thanks for being you Stephanie K. You truly are an absolute game-changer.

It’s not about me,
Coach Theo

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